The Prison Books Project

is an organization that provides free books to incarcerated persons, by request. People who are incarcerated in area prisons can use free postcards or simply write to us at our P.O. Box to request books or book recommendations.

Then we partner with local bookstores to order the books, connect with individual sponsors, pack up the books, and send them to the person who made the request. The project began its life at Binnacle Books in Beacon, NY, and now includes a number of Hudson Valley bookstores, including Blackbird Infoshop, Half Moon Books, Oblong Books, Rough Draft Bar & Books, and World's End Comics

Since February 2020, we have sent over 4000 books to incarcerated folks in the Hudson Valley and throughout New York State.


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Or write to us at:
P.O. Box 132
Beacon, NY 12508